Built-in shower diverter trim

Built-in single control mixer for shower with diverter.

Article: 7650
Material: BRASS
Chrome Chrome
Built-in shower diverter trim
Built-in shower diverter trim

Spare parts

Spare parts available for this product

Cartridge faucet Ø 35 low

Cartridge Ø 35 low.

Article: 3298

Faucet handle Ø 35


Article: 7695

Built-in shower diverter valve

Diverter for square knob built-in mixer

Article: 4142

Square shower cover plate with diverter

Square plate for built.-in mixer with diverter

Article: 256


Complements of this product

Brass shower holder

Brass external shower support.

Article: 4130

Anti-limestone head shower

Anti-limestone brass "RAZOR" handshower.

Article: 326

Telescopic shower column with thermostat

Thermostatic shower column with automatic diverter, complete with ABS shower head Ø30 cm, and hand shower with anti-lime picots.

Article: 15480

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