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50 years experience Brassware for bathroom and kitchen

High-qualifies employees and an after-sale service make Fromac brassware the only one of its kind. The continued research of quality ad design products, has allowed to the company to develop important parnership in the national and international market, to meet with the most demanding and sophisticated flavours. The Fromac wide range of products for the bathroom and the kitchen includes mixers, thermostatics, traditional/classic brassware, shower columns and showerheads.


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bathroom and kitchen mixers

Bathroom and kitchen are intimate location and reserved for the internal ant external personal care. If we ideally ask to the bathroom for a spa life experience through showers, taps and good looking- technology accessories, in the kitchen we love being surrounded by confortable and functional products, without taking less to the italian flavour.


Not only appearence, but also technology, design ang 5 years assurance for all the products




bathroom and kitchen faucets production

Fromac Rubinetteria designs the products to respond o the different demanding of the customers: from the private, to the tourist accomodations, health facilities and devoted to welfare.

Product development starts with the design study following the demands and requests of the customer, markets trend and the renewed desire of innovation, with open mind regarding every singl brand news that involves production systems, finishing, optimization of the resources and design.


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