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Saving water

Water in your house: don’t waste it, Save and you will do the best for the planet.

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Saving water

Use in moderation

As manufacturing leader of mixers, showers and systems shower, Fromac proposes an effective and econimical management of the water in domestic circle. Water is without doubt one of the most precious good we have, an exhaustible resource that is essential to learn not to waste. The protection of our planet starts infact from simple daily actions, for example closing the faucet while we are soaping under the shower or while we are washing our hands.

To the companies that operate in the sanitary sector is asked therefore to promote an ecological culture and innovative technologies that allow notable water and energetic savings during the common daily actions, without nevertheless limit the comfort and the quality of life. Regarding this, in 2012 Fromac has imposed a new productive standard equipping itself with areators that allow a notable saving of water. And you, what can do for not wasting water?

Three rules

How reducing the waste
of the water in 3 moves


Repair possible losses of the domestic hydraulic plant

A faucet that drips to the rhythm of 30 drops to the minute wastes 1.400 liters of water a year; a hole of a millimeter in a piping, causes in one day, a loss of 2.328 liters of water.


Prefer the shower to the bath in a bath tub

This allows a 1.200 liters of water saving a year. For a normal shower can be consumed from 20 to 50 liters of water, five times less than a bath in a bathtub.


Close the faucet

Close the faucet while brushing the teeth and plug the sink while shaving: this allows to save up to 7.500 liters a year for a family of three.

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